Kyna Miss Grace Kelly With Shenjela - (Grace)
  31-10-18 Gundog Society of Wales Mr G Haran Novice 2nd
  19-08-18 Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show David Bell Yearling 4th  
  04-08-18 Paignton & District Fanciers Championship K.A.W. Young Maiden 2nd  
  25-07-18 Minehead & District Canine Zoe Stirk Yearling 2nd  
  15-07-18 Cocker spaniel Club Championship Sue Telford Special Open 4th  
  03-06-18 Southern Counties Champ Show Glyn Griffith Yearling 3rd  
  22-10-17 West of England Champ Jane Simmonds Maiden 4th  
  11-10-17 Gundog Society of Wales Mrs P Williams Novice 4th  
  23-09-17 Cornwall Gundog Club Mrs E Bugler Junior 4th  
  16-09-17 Exeter & County Canine Lesley Trow Post Graduate 1st  
  10-09-17 Richmond Championship Dog Show Sigurd Wilburg Puppy 4th  
  26-08-17 Newton Abbott & South Devon Canine Susan Porter AV Gundog Puppy 4th  
  15-08-17 Bournemouth Canine Association Mrs B Mueller Puppy 4th  
  05-08-17 Paignton & District Fanciers Championship Yvonne Donnellan Puppy 3rd  
  30-07-17 Wiveliscombe & District Canine Society David Pike AV Gundog Puppy 1st PG3
  26-07-17 Minehead & District Canine Leslie McCourt Puppy 2nd  
  07-07-17 Taunton & District Canine Association Teresa Dunsdon AV Gundog Puppy 1st PG4
  11-06-17 Three Counties Linda Crowley Minor Puppy 4th  
  04-06-17 Southern Counties Canine David Moss Minor Puppy 2nd  
  14-05-17 West Country Dog Club Dale Elliott Junior 3rd  
  05-05-17 National Dog Show Francis Bard Minor Puppy 4th  
  29-04-17 West of England Ladies Kennel Society Tony Jury Minor Puppy 1st  
  22-04-17 Souh Western Gundog Club Martyn Ford AV Minor Puppy 3rd  
  22-04-17 Souh Western Gundog Club Tori Ellis Minor Puppy 4th  
  17-04-17 Cornwall Gundog Club Angela Roberts AV Minor Puppy 4th  
  17-04-17 Cornwall Gundog Club Jane Pop Junior 2nd  
  15-04-17 Devon & Cornwall Cocker Club Wendy Grist Minor Puppy 2nd  
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